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3 January 2014

Spicy Samosa Recipe / Veg Samosa

Spicy Samosa Recipe / Veg Samosa

Spicy Samosa Recipe / Veg Samosa

Spicy Samosa Recipe / Veg Samosa

Ingredients :

Maida Flour -125 grams

Chopped Onion -1

Green chilli -2

Turmeric powder -1/4 tspn

Chilli powder -1 ½ tspn

Garam masala -1 tspn

Potato -2 no’s

Peas -100 grams

Ginger –small pinch

Coriander leaf -25 grams

Cumin -1/2 tspn

Salt to taste

Cooking Oil –needed

Method for samosa rolls:

Prepare the Maida dough and roll it like chapatti.

Make the roll into square by cutting the edges with sharp knife.

Cut the square roll diagonally to make triangular shaped pieces.

Toast the diagonal pieces with dosa tawa in a low flame.

For stuffing:

Boil the potatoes and smash it well.

Boil the peas and add it to smashed potatoes.

Heat a pan with little oil and saute with cumin seeds.

Add onion and saute well and add green chillies, garam masala,chilli powder, Turmeric powder,Ginger,salt and coriander leaves and saute it well.

Add potatoes and peas and saute for some time.

Stuffing mixture is ready.

Method of Cooking:

Prepare Maida with water to form a paste for binding samosa.

Roll the diagonal pieces to form a cone.

Stuff the cone with the mixture and fold it to form a triangle shape.

Paste the corners and ends with Maida paste.

Heat the pan with oil and roast the stuffed pieces in a low flame.

Crispy samosa is ready.

Serve with Tomato sauce.

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